About me

About me

Photojournalist; Street Photographer; Documentarian

Sunnyside Queens, where I spent most of my days. I walked five to ten miles a day growing up in New York City. I've happened upon many small memorable moments during my daily commutes around town. So many, in fact, I began to long for them after moving away. In this way, I fell into photography. Every chance I had to visit my hometown, I would try and take some photos of the moments that reminded me of living in New York. I got pretty good at it, so I became a photojournalist. I perfected the craft and branched out into editorials. Along the way I maintained my creativity with street photography.

Over a decade later and I'm still obsessed with visual storytelling. I continue to hone my skill in creating stories out of small moments. These photographic essays illustrate the beauty of fleeting moments. A well crafted visual essay will instantly remind you of what you were seeing; thinking; feeling during each photograph. It is in this way that I aim to not just provide a product, but an experience. One that cannot be replicated because it is as unique as the person living them.

My name is Luis Roldan. I think everyone has a story worth telling. Let me help tell yours.